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Motiv x FreeD Group Limited


  1. Challenges before NetSuite
  2. NetSuite: Unleashing efficiency for business growth
  3. Motiv: Dedicated team driven by expertise & care
  4. FreeD: Get ready for global expansion







1. About FreeD


FREED GROUP is an award-winning digital and smart merchandising solutions company, a technology innovator specializing in building proprietary marketplace enablement and enterprise application solutions. As one of the fastest-growing Tech companies headquartered in Hong Kong with over 10 offices globally, we help our clients worldwide, including major names such as Samsung, China Mobile and BMW to create new revenue streams, increase customer engagement and enhance servicing level.


2. Challenges before NetSuite


Before Netsuite, we applied different accounting systems across multiple offices with accounting team members based globally, which posed challenges in standardizing our financial information. For instance, there were numerous data points throughout the workflow, leading to a lack of visibility. As we transitioned from a start-up to a more established organization, the demand for timely and accurate financial reporting increased. Therefore, we needed a reputable enterprise management software provider that could support our business growth.


3. NetSuite: Unleashing efficiency for business growth


We selected NetSuite, as their cloud solution is a key to streamlining our business operations. As FreeD is expanding globally, we have to quickly adapt to different markets with localization. NetSuite enabled us to comply with government compliance and regulations, ensuring that we operate with the necessary controls and safeguards. It also supports international transactions, allowing us to expand our business overseas at ease. Choosing NetSuite aligns with our management’s push to comply with global industry’s best practices and helps our team to respond to the constantly changing market demands.


4. Motiv: Dedicated team driven by expertise & care


Motiv’s professional, trustworthy, and knowledgeable approach made them the obvious choice for our team. Their dedicated team of consultants, project manager, and developer were crucial to our project success. First, consultants Debbie and Mila conducted an extensive business discovery before the implementation. They gathered inputs such as objectives, pain points, and workflows across different business units. Then, they mapped out the resources and provided recommendations to ensure it is easy for users to adopt the new approach. And then their project manager, Olivia, also tracked the project status on a regular basis with our team, to make sure we have the right resources for the project to deliver on time. As the project went live, there were a lot of intercompany transactions and consolidation which their developer Tim also helped enhance the system with customized configurations.


5. FreeD: Get ready for global expansion


Through Netsuite and Motiv, we are able to have real-time availability and transparency on our key performance metrics. Our next steps will be rolling out NetSuite across other offices, integrating additional business intelligence and processing automations. We are so looking forward to it.

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