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Motiv x Pola Orbis Travel Retail


  1. Challenges before NetSuite
  2. NetSuite: Key to streamlining workflow & increasing management efficiency
  3. Motiv: Provider of tailored solutions for success
  4. POTR: Fully geared up for changes & achievements


1. About POTR


Pola Orbis is a Hong Kong-based travel retailer founded in 2021. Since establishment, we have been dedicated to our group’s travel retail business, and distributing cosmetic products by our group brands, such as POLA, Jurlique and THREE through duty-free retails. Mainland China is our main market. And we also have counters across Asia, such as in Korea, Taiwan, etc. One of our uniqueness and competitiveness is our products. POLA is a strong expert in anti-aging and skin-brightening products, and it has been well received and selling very well in China recently.


2. Challenges before NetSuite


Before using NetSuite, the team was manually uploading data, which was time consuming. In addition, we faced huge obstacles with the legacy system as it is not flexible. For example, a small change in configurations would take a long time to settle. Travel Retail Market is a rapidly changing. We must be able to respond quickly to changes and improve management efficiency. It is when IT/Digital Transformation comes into play.


3. NetSuite: Key to streamlining workflow & increasing management efficiency


We chose NetSuite as our ERP because of its user-friendliness, which allows users to make changes easily and it’s scalable enough for us to integrate with other systems, which is especially helpful when our firm is growing rapidly. Also, NetSuite eliminated the need for the accounting department to input manually on application and approval process, which save us a lot of time and we can focus on other strategic tasks.


4. Motiv: Provider of trilored solutions for success


What Motiv impressed me the most is their consultative approach. Before the implementation, Motiv conducted an in-depth business discovery to ensure they have a deep understanding of our business objectives, process, and pain point across different business units. Motiv executed a smooth transition for our team with 3 phases. Phase 1 was to enhance our core ERP. In Phase 2 we did a host-to-host banking solution. And in Phase 3, we worked on integrations with other systems. Another key to project success is data migration. Motiv designed an order flow that tailor made for Pola’s business process.


Overall, we are very impressed by Motiv team’s promptness to respond. Consultants James and Mila provided many constructive ideas on how we could tackle challenges with our workflow and mitigate risk overall. Developer Tim, also worked with us closely on the technical side.


5. POTR: Fully geared up for changes & achievements

For example, we are working on and will soon kick off the automatic integration of ordering/invoicing with brands within our group. We are also preparing to apply the Demand Planning module to improve the accuracy of forecasting. Furthermore, we want to simplify and streamline the invoice submission as well.


Having NetSuite and Motiv as our long term partner, I am excited to what digitalization will bring to POTR while our business expand further.

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